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Bookie Happy with Deal Between Atlanta Hawks and Sports Data Firm

In the quest for giving its players the advantage over opponents, the Atlanta Hawks signed up with a sports data startup. Their goal is to collect and analyze big data to help make smarter game decisions. As a result, they will rely more on gathered information instead of just instinct.

Orreco is a sports technology company based in Ireland. It is the leading bio-analytical firm in the world today. According to its sports news press release, Orreco will provide the Hawks with its analytic services.

In addition, the Hawks will use the data to help players recover faster. Also, the company will monitor the players to help them achieve longer careers in the NBA. Under the deal, Orreco will use its proprietary products to support the training of the Hawks throughout the year.

Atlanta Hawks and Bio-Analytics

Bookie Reports The Deal Between Atlanta Hawks And Sports Data Firm

The Atlanta Hawks told the best bookie pay per head that they will use the data to optimize the performance of their players. In addition, they hope to reduce the training sessions required for each player. Also, they want to prevent games lost due to injury during the season.

Orreco creates a profile of each player’s bio-markers in his blood and collects data via its machine learning software. The information will provide the athlete’s optimal training conditions. In addition, it can give advice on diet and sleeping patterns. Through the system, the coaching staff can personalize individual training programs.

Atlanta is not the first big client of Orreco. In fact, it has worked with the Dallas Mavericks. Also, it provided its services to the USA Swimming Team, New Zealand women’s rugby team, and the Newcastle United of the Premier League.

Using blood samples to evaluate an athlete’s performance is a relatively new science. However, it has its pros and cons. Through technology, teams can get more data about their athletes and find potential injury factors. Bookie software experts agree that technology is beneficial for any pro team that wants to avoid player injuries.

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