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Are you ready for the “Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker”?

Star Wars The Rise Of The Skywalker

The Star Wars World Keeps Expanding with The Rise of the Skywalker

Star Wars fan, something stunning is coming your way! If you find the visuals of the series spectacular, hold your breath as there’s more than you can imagine in the latest from the series. The trailer of the 9th Star Wars entertainer is out and you will vouch by every scene that unfolds in that pop-up screen in your devices. With its releases around Christmas, the franchise has been dominating the theaters during the holiday season since years. Although there’s a chunk of the post-production part left to be completed, the excitement is too much to contain, especially when you see the fans shouting out their lungs at the trailer launched. Originally, set to release in May, this year appears the delay has just added to the all the thrill.

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An eternal visual treat

The much-awaited trailer swept across social media with Twitterati going bizarre with its release. The Star Wars fan club started floating thousands of messages about the outstanding trailer stating how amazingly it covers the Skywalk tale. Coupled with equally engaging sound effects and terrific voiceover of the Force Ghost, it looks as if the Rise of the Skywalker is set to offer a stellar experience. Well, Star Wars producers have always maintained that standard when it comes to the quality of its visuals and overall appeal. The latest footage simply hints that what you are set to experience next is probably magnanimous that what you’ve seen so far. The trailer of a film tells whether it’s been done well or otherwise and Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker just speaks a volume. From the characters to the visuals and the plot, it’s bound to draw more fans to its club.

What do the trailers indicate?

Now you know that there are two trailers of the latest Star Wars series that have been released so far. The first one hit the screens in April and the latest one has been trending since 24th August 2019. The two-minute trailer that featured Rey had him facing a TIE fighter in an advanced Avatar. Rey is armed with a lightsaber and seemed like the scene is shot on the planet. Yes, you could catch a glimpse of senior Lando Calrissian along with a scene that captures Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

The new trailer quickly takes viewers through the past Star War movies and after a minute and a few seconds, you get to see fresh content that features Chewie, C3PO, Finn Poe and of course Rey. They seem to be trotting the new desert planet of Pasadena. There’s more as you see some action with Leia escaping and the X, B, A and Y battleships shooting up against the Star Destroyers. Before you wink an eye, there’s Jannah with Finn on a ship wearing the frightened look on their faces. The trailer wraps with the ignition of a lightsaber. If you are wondering what lies ahead, well, sure there’s more to come very soon!


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