Americas Cardroom’s tournament lineup gets more exciting with the upcoming $7 Million Venom

$7 Million Venom at Americas Cardroom

The $7 Million Venom Poker Tournament Has Everyone Talking

The upcoming $7 Million Venom is unique because it’s the largest tournament ever offered by any US-facing poker site, and it is already attracting a huge field. With $1 million in guaranteed cash waiting to be awarded, poker players are anxious for the big day to arrive.

Americas Cardroom‘s (ACR) is outdoing itself with the upcoming $5 Million Venom tournament this month. It is the largest tournament the site has ever held, and this is your chance to be a part of history.

The $7 Million Venom is ready to take online poker to a whole new level and you could become an instant millionaire. Now on its third Venom, ACR has had killer success with the previous events. The first one, held in July of last year, was so huge that the Guinness Book of World Records caught wind of it. This one is going to be even bigger, and poker players are ready to grab a piece of the massive prize pool.

The tournament gets started on July 24th, crowning a winner on August 5th at the Final Table. ACR makes it easy to pick up a seat for next to nothing, offering four Day 1 options, as well as satellite events, mega satellites, sit-and-go step tournaments, Cyclones and other events for a chance to pick up the $2,650 buy-in.

There’s no excuse not to participate in the largest tournament of the year! For all the details on the $7 Million Venom, Click the following Link. The $7M Venom Tournament

If you haven’t played at ACR before, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. The site is making it easy to check things out by offering a 100% First Deposit Bonus of up to $1,000 to new players. If you make that deposit using cryptocurrency, ACR will double the bonus to 200%, up to a maximum of $1,000. Poker doesn’t get any better than this!

Venom Tournament Schedule:

Day 1A: Friday, July 24th, 1pm ET
Day 1B: Sunday, July 26th, 1pm ET
Day 1C: Friday, July 31st, 1pm ET
Day 1D: Sunday, August 2nd, 1pm ET
Day 2: Monday, August 3rd, 1pm ET
Day 3: Tuesday, August 4th, 1pm ET

*Final Table: Wednesday, August 5th, 5pm ET

New Massive Weekly Venom Satellite! 20 Seats Guaranteed Every Sunday!

Starting Sunday, June 28th, we’re guaranteeing 20 seats to the $7 million Venom tournament via our Beast and Sit & Crush weekly satellite at 6pm ET.  You can get your satellite seat for free by earning enough points in either of the weekly rake races or you can buy-in directly for $90+$5.


The early bird gets the worm. And there’s no reason you can’t secure your $2,650 ticket today. In fact, why stop there? You can win multiple tickets with just one buy-in with our new Venom Cyclones feature now up and running in the poker client.

After all, if you win more than one seat, you’re welcome to sell your extras in our Venom Marketplace. Trust us, they’ll be in high demand. Your quest for $1,000,000 can start with just $0.11.

Find Venom Cyclones in the poker client under the TOURNEY>>>>VENOM tabs.

CyclonePlayers to StartBuy-InFeeStarting StackTarget StackGTD
Cyclone 190.10.0111125000x2 $0.41+0.04 Tickets
Cyclone 260.410.0414655000x1 $1.30+0.10 Ticket
Cyclone 361.30.116255000x1 $3.80+0.20 Ticket
Cyclone 463.80.215845000x1 $11+1 Ticket
Cyclone 5611117195000x2 $30+2 Tickets
Cyclone 6630215795000x1 $90+ 5 Ticket
Cyclone 7690515525000x1 $280+10 Ticket
Cyclone 862801015915000x1 $850+30 Ticket
Cyclone 968503016045000x1 $2,500+150 Ticket


Win your seat for free! Our Venom Step Tournaments are now posted in the lobby and your first step is on us! That’s because our Step 1 tournaments have a $0 buy-in, and are now running around the clock.

We’ve got Sit & Go Step Tournaments or On Demand Step Tournaments available so no matter when you play, we’ve got steps running around the clock.


StepPlayers to StartBuy-InFeeGTD  
Step 115$0.10$0.01x10 $0.41+0.04 Tickets
Step 212$0.41$0.04x8 $1.30+0.10 Tickets
Step 310$1.30$0.10x7 $3.80+0.20 Tickets
Step 410$3.80$0.20x6 $11+1 Tickets
Step 58$11.00$1.00x5 $30+2 Tickets
Step 68$30.00$2.00x4 $90+ 5 Tickets
Step 76$90.00$5.00x3 $280+10 Tickets
Step 85$280.00$10.00x2 $850+30 Tickets
Step 95$850.00$30.00x2 $2,500+150 Tickets


StepPlayers to StartBuy-InFeeGTD
Step 190.10.01x2 $0.41+0.04 Tickets
Step 260.410.04x1 $1.30+0.10 Ticket
Step 361.30.1x1 $3.80+0.20 Ticket
Step 463.80.2x1 $11+1 Ticket
Step 56111x2 $30+2 Tickets
Step 66302x1 $90+ 5 Ticket
Step 76905x1 $280+10 Ticket
Step 8628010x1 $850+30 Ticket
Step 9685030x1 $2,500+150 Ticket

*Skip tournaments, satellites, on demand, mega satellites and more will be posted soon. Keep checking back here or the poker client for more details.

Venom Tickets Terms and Conditions

Biggest Stack Option-Players have the option of playing multiple Day 1’s and using their biggest stack won to continue to play Day 2. Players may only use one of the stacks and may not combine stacks from their multiple days of play. They will forfeit the other chips.

You cannot sell your primary ticket, only players with multiple tickets may sell the extras.

If you have won multiple Venom tickets that you wish to sell, then you may do so at whatever price yourself and the buyer agrees upon. To do this, both parties must email from their email address registered to their WPN player account and confirm the price agreed and that they’re willing to purchase/sell.

If you have one entry and wish to purchase additional entries, you may do so. If the extra entry (or entries) are not used by the end of late registration on the last Day 1 (August 2nd) during the upcoming Venom tournament, you must wait until the next Venom tournament.

Only $2,650 Venom tickets are transferable. Tickets of any other kind for any other tournament are non-transferable and will expire within a year of their date of issue.

$2,650 Venom tickets are to be used exclusively for Venom tournaments.

Players may only use one Winning Poker Network account to play the July $7 Million Venom tournament.

Players who have more than one ticket across multiple Winning Poker Network accounts must contact customer service to transfer their tickets to one account only before Day 1A of the July $7 Million Venom tournament starts on Friday, July 24th.

Players who fail to contact customer service to have their tickets combined into one account will automatically forfeit all tickets when the tournament begins, and all their Winning Poker Network accounts will be permanently banned.

Any winnings will be forfeited from players who have been discovered playing the July $7 Million Venom from more than one Winning Poker Network account.

Deal-making at the final table is permitted, but the first-place winner must receive a minimum of $1,000,000.

Because the tournament has been announced 4 months prior to the event, ACR reserves the right to change the terms and conditions within a reasonable timeframe prior to the event.

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