Americas Bookie $5000 Last Man Standing Contest

Americas Bookie

Last Man Standing Contest — Get in for the Chance at $5K

The 2017 Super Bowl is ancient history. The many months of waiting for the NFL to return is finally here. It’s definitely been a long wait indeed but now is the time to get back in the groove and time to get it on. The dilemma is; what sportsbook to choose? With so many of them out there, this decision can be overwhelming and will certainly involve time consuming research. Worry no more! We have done our homework. We have sorted the good from the ugly and come up with a sportsbook that not only pays out quickly, offers the industry’s best bonuses, has great free contests that actually pay some serious cash and best of all, delivers on their promises. Americas Bookie is the real deal. You can count on them this season for all of your gambling needs.

Contest: Americas Bookie $5000 Last Man Standing Contest

Let’s face it, you spend a lot of money betting on sports and especially on the NFL. It seems that you are always giving and rarely receiving from your sportsbook. With Americas Bookie they actually put you (the client) first. At Americas Bookie they are offering a “Last Man Standing” contest. Its super easy, 100% free and you can win a cool $1,500. All that is required to enter is a valid email address and mobile number. You choose one entry per week. This cool thing here is; the pick is not against the spread its straight up. They actually offer two “Last Man standing” contests. The second one offers $3,500 and requires minimal deposits along the way. All entries for both contests must be submitted before week 1.

Bonuses: Get up to $2500 BONUS FREE on ever Deposit all football season

Look, you know that you are going to deposit somewhere. The NFL is calling and the time is now, there is no reason to wait any longer. Americas Bookie offers the best bonus plans in online gaming. They simply can’t be beat. Customer Service will work with you on rollovers when others refuse. They are willing to go above and beyond to fit a bonus inside of your gambling style no matter if its $100 deposit or $3,000.

Banking: Easy Deposit Options – Free Weekly Payouts

Ok, so maybe you’re not a bonus player. A lot of players like to post up and get paid when they win. Americas Bookie offers many great payout methods all of which are fast, super easy and painless. When you win fair and square, you want paid fair and square. With many of the sportsbooks out there, the player has to fight for their money. That totally takes the fun out of playing. Who wants or needs to deal with this giant hassle? Nobody, for sure. Americas Bookie keeps it simple and quick when it comes to payouts. They offer 1 free payout per 7 days and numerous way of collecting, to meet your needs.

Sportsbook: Picking The right sportsbook for betting on Football

The same can be said for funding your account. Again, who wants to deal with hassle? With MoneyGram and Western Union on the list of deposit options, (they both accept credit cards) this makes life easy for the player. Americas Bookie will not give you the run around when it comes to depositing, they accommodate the player.

Review: Benefits of betting sports at America’s Bookie Sportsbook

Players; dust off your gambling hat. Now is the time, the NFL is back. It’s time to get excited, it’s time to jump back on the horse and win some cash. Americas Bookie is the right choice for a great gaming experience.

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