2021 Australian Open — Who to Bet On

2021 Australian Open Tennis

2021 Australian Open is Underway

The tennis season for 2021 is well underway, and it’s time to start placing your sports bets on the Australian Open. The Wager6 sportsbook provides you all the odds and betting options to partake in this international competition. Now, that you have a place to place your wagers, let us tell you which players have the best odds to bet on.

We are already in the 3rd Round of action in both Men’s and Women’s singles, so we are slowly squeezing out the best from the worst. Normally, this is great news for sports betting as odds start getting more competitive. Let me give you an example, it’s not the same to bet on a top seeded player versus a huge underdog, as the odds are going to be way too high and risky. If two top seeded players are up against each other, the odds are more competitive and you can get more bang for your buck.

Now, let us mention a couple of top players who you should follow throughout the tournament, as we recommend betting on them as the rounds go by. Let’s get Roger Federer out of the way here. He suffered a knee injury back in 2020 and will be sitting out the Australian Open this year. The older he gets, the less chance we will have to enjoy watching him, so it’s definitely sad to not see him participate in a tournament he has won some many times before (six times).


Novak Djokovic

The Serbian has won the Australian Open a total of eight times and is currently looking for his 3rd straight title this year. He is the clear favorite from the oddsmakers perspective, despite the fact of the young studs trying to dethrone Novak.

He is currently in the 3rd round, and will be matched up against American Taylor Fritz. He has had zero trouble so far as he has beaten Jeremy Chardy and Frances Tiafoe in straight sets.  He’ll most likely end up battling Canadian Milos Raonic in the 4th round, which will be a fun encounter between two great players.   

Dominic Thiem

The Austrian, who is seeded 3rd at the Australian Open this year, will be battling the annoying Australian, Nick Kyrgios in the 3rd Round. Why is he annoying? Well, because he tends to make comments that are way out of line and make his career more about off-court topics than the actual sport itself. In this point and time, he hasn’t sent any direct comments towards Thiem, but the Austrian will need to prove that he can get past this immature player.

Anyways, enough about Kygrios and more about Dominic Thiem. He is the last player to win a Grand Slam as he won his first ever big tournament at the US Open in 2020. So, he’ll be looking to get all the way to the finals and dethrone Novak Djokovic this year. Make sure you bet on Thiem throughout the tourney.

Daniil Medvedev

The Russian, is seeded 4th this year for Australia but will be looking to continue his high-quality tennis into 2021. He hasn’t gotten through the 4th Round of the Australian Open, but this might be the year he actually does it. The only issue is if he’ll be able to battle those high temperature games, as we know it gets pretty hot in the land down under.

We hope you are able to take advantage of these players through the rounds during the Australian Open. Remember, as the rounds go by, the higher chances you’ll have a decent line to bet on. As an extra tip, stay away from Rafa Nadal bets as he has been with back issues. Remember to jump on the bandwagon and create an account at Wager6 for all the best betting options.

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