2015 NFL Most Valuable Player Odds

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2015 NFL MVP
Aaron Rodgers +500
Andrew Luck +700
Adrian Peterson +1200
J.J. Watt +1200
Peyton Manning +1600
Drew Brees +2000
Tom Brady +2000
Russell Wilson +2000
Jamaal Charles +2000
Tony Romo +2500
Ben Roethlisberger +2000
Eddie Lacy +2500
Marshawn Lynch +2500
Le’Veon Bell +2000
DeMarco Murray +2500
Dez Bryant +2500
Odell Beckham +2500
Calvin Johnson +2500
Matthew Stafford +4000
Eli Manning +4000
Philip Rivers +3300
Cam Newton +5000
Joe Flacco +4000
Matt Ryan +4000
Ryan Tannehill +4000
Matt Forte +4000
Jay Cutler +5000
Sam Bradford +5000
Colin Kaepernick +5000
Andy Dalton +5000
Antonio Brown +5000
Demaryius Thomas +5000
Julio Jones +5000
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