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2015 MLB Home Run Derby & All-Star Game Contest Presented by CRSportsBet

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2015 MLB Home Run Derby & All-Star Game Contest


Presented by CRSportsbet


Welcome to the 2015 MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star Game Prop Contest. This is always a fun contest to participate in and keeps interest in both events.


  • Picks for the HR Derby have to be in have to be in by 8 pm EST on Monday, July 13th and picks for the All-Star game have to be in by 8 pm EST on Tuesday, July 14th.
  • Everyone has to pick every Wager Posted
  • Wagers will consist of prop bets, moneylines, totals, runlines and alternate lines. Prop Bets for the All-Star Game will be posted as soon as they are available. Match ups for the Home Run Derby will be posted as soon as they are out.
  • Each Wager will be based off $100. Lay the Wood on the Fave and lay the Franklin to win the Dawg money. Most Money won Combined for both days wins the Prizes.


  • Contest is Free for Handicappers Hideaway forum members.
  • If you haven’t already sign up for the forums at HH and get an sign up at CRSportsBet and take advantage of the generous signup bonuses listed at the bottom of this post
  • Please Post your picks in this thread
  • MLB Official Stats will be used to grade the HR Derby and Don Best Stats will be used to grade the All-Star Game prop bets
  • The Tiebreaker will always be Total pitches combined by All pitchers combined for both teams in the All-Star Game. Closest to the number no matter if you go over or not is the winner. If we have a tie on the Tiebreaker the prizes for the places tied will be combined and split if possible
  • All rotation numbers, team and lines have to be posted or it is a loss. no questions asked. Any Prop Bet not wagered on will be counted as a loss.
  • Any issues that arise other than these rules will be decided by HH Moderators and the decision is final

Prizes: Cash with a 10X Rollover with a deposit of $300 or more. Otherwise you will receive 25% of stated prizes as a free play 10X rollover

  1. $200
  2. $100
  3. $50

** CRSportsBet is offering Handicappers Hideaway members who deposit $300 or more a 100% Cash Deposit Bonus (10X), access to Dime Lines in MLB and a free $100 Wager on World Series Winner until July 31, 2015. With a $100-$299 deposit you will get a 100% Cash Bonus (10X) and access to MLB Dime Lines

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