1Vice and HH Thanksgiviing Day NFL Contest — Signed Tom Brady Jersey worth $250+ as Prize!!!

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1Vice NFL Thanksgiving Contest and Jersey Giveaway

1Vice is giving us a signed Tom Brady Game Jersey. It is worth at least $250 to give away on a contest on the 3 NFL Thanksgiving day games. WE don’t know the exact value of these jerseys because we can’t find pictures of the exact ones on the internet.

They are officially licensed by the NFL & NFLPA and have a signature by Tom Brady on the number on the back. I have a Russel Wilson one that was sent to me and I will post pictures of the jersey in the 2nd post of this thread so you can see.

All we know is the minimum value of any of the signed Brady Jerseys are at least $250. The value is so low because it is screened on the number and not the actual in person signature.

The jersey itself is worth $150 and the signature ones have been priced at least $100 higher (even more on some) on the ones that are screened. This is a high quality jersey and would be great to keep for the future or to sell on EBAY.

1Vice Thanksgiving Day NFL Contest

  • If you don’t have a 1Vice account please click the banners or links in this thread and open one. I will post the Thanksgiving Promo at the end of the post
  • To qualify for this contest you must have had made a deposit of at least $50 in the last two weeks by the day of the contest. Certain exceptions may apply if you are a active and regular player and will be determined on a case by case basis
  • Lines for the Contest will be posted on Monday, November 24th so the people traveling for Thanksgiving will have time to get their plays in
  • All plays will be on Post review (we will open the contest post review forum for this) and will be approved once the first game kicks off on Thursday
  • Once you make a deposit please email dirty@handicappershideaway.com so we can confirm. We will need your account number as well. Once you are confirmed we will list you in this thread

Contest Format

  • All plays must be in by 12:30 pm on Thursday, November 27th. Late entries will not be counted
  • Each poster will choose 4 regular 1 unit plays that can be sides or totals (4 plays)
  • 3 team parlay (paid out at donbest parlay calculator odds),
  • Choose a 3 Team 10 Point Teaser (paid out at -120/100)
  • Partake in two best bets (1 side and 1 total) that are worth 2 units. Your best bets can’t be the same as your 4 regular plays.
  • This will be a total of 8 plays
  • Most money won wins the Jersey
  • We will have two Tiebreakers for this contest to ensure there are no ties
  • Tiebreaker #1 is Total Combined Net Passing Yards by the 3 Home Teams Combined. Closest to the number wins no matter if it goes over
  • Tiebreaker #2 is Total Combined Points Scored in each of the 3 games. Closes to the number no matter if it goes over
  • Please post any questions you have in this thread


To comment or ask questions about this contest please visit our popular online sports forums at Handicappers Hideaway.

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