POTUS 2020 Odds Take Betting Forefront at JAZZSports

Democrats May Come out Bloody to Get the Nomination January 14th, 2020 San Jose, Costa Rica. – Online action brand JAZZSports recently released a new set of odds on the upcoming US Presidential Election, also called POTUS 2020. These expanded on an existing menu of betting prices, all listed and available under the Politics section […]

What Member of Trump Administration Leave First?

Trump Administration Odds: Who Will Leave Trump First? These are not good times for the Trump Administration. The schism between Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress is growing wider every day. He has blindsided the Joints Chief of Staff by banning transgenders from the military. He has called the sitting US Attorney General out […]

Donald Trump POTUS Chances Take a Tumble

Can Donald Trump Keep Defying Odds? Things have taken a turn for the worse in the Donald Trump administration. A series of stunning events and revelations has the Main Stream Media in a clamor. The reporting has put a major dent in the odds of Trump’s chances of completing an entire term. At press time […]

Day 100 for Donald Trump

Trump’s First 100 Days Has Been Mixed Bag April 29th Donald Trump will mark his 100th day in office as President of the United States. Trump has been downplaying the importance of this milestone. The talking heads in the media typically use this date to evaluate how the presidency has fared thus far. Will he […]

Will Trump Leave the White House?

Trump Shakes Off All Accusations Donald Trump’s chances of completing a full term as President of the United States have taken a hit. Following his administration’s failed attempt to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, and with the continuing investigation into his team’s possible connections with Russian operatives, Trump is now a –140 favorite to see his […]

Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration Prop Bets

  US Presidential Inauguration Props How many times will Donald Trump tweet on Jan. 20th 2017? Over 7.5                               6/5 Under 7.5                            5/8 All wagers have action. Tweet count starts from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM on Jan. 20th 2017. Deleted tweets and retweets will not count towards the final count. Bookmanager’s decision is […]

Odds and Prop Bets on Hillary and Trump’s 3rd Bratfest in Las Vegas

    Hillary and Trump at 3rd US Presidential Debate Hillary and Trump square off tonight in Las Vegas in their 3rd and final debate (thank god). They will be touching on a lot of touchy subjects from Wikileaks to rigged elections. Both of these candidates are narcissitic jerks so you never know what you […]

Politics Odds: Donald Trump Tape Puts GOP in Doghouse

Trump Fallout Mixed in Polls The window of opportunity is closing for Donald Trump. The Donald had narrowed the gap between himself and Hillary Clinton in the polls recently. Lately, Trump’s chances of winning the November 8 election have cratered. He’s a +400 underdog at press time. That is down down from +200 in the […]

The Second 2016 US Presidential Debate Prop Bets

Trump and Hillary Square Off in 2nd Debate   Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will throw darts at each other in the 2nd of their 2016 US Presidential Debates on Sunday, October 9th.  It will be moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC;s Martha Raddatz. Washington University in St. Louis is hosting the event that […]

US Presidential Election Odds: Donald Trump Still Potent First Debate

  Politics Odds: Donald Trump Still Potent After Poor Debate Despite a lackluster performance in the first US Presidential Election debate, Donald Trump hasn’t given back all that much of the support he’s gained over the past month. Trump is +200 to win the presidency; the Republicans were +250 in early September. Hillary Clinton is […]