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Still in Business so hope for past people not paid


CRSportsBet has been blacklisted and given a 1 star rating. We will put in details of the book, but no current bonuses or offers. There is zero reason to play there.

Website crsportsbet.ag

Year Established 2013

Country (License) None

Min Deposit $25

Max Deposit $5,000

CRsportsBet was founded in 2013 as private sportsbook based out of San Jose, Costa Rica that only accepted players by invitation. It is owned and operated by Digimark Limited which is an entertainment company in Central America. In short, this bookmaker was created as a place where friends and clients of Digimark Limited could have a safe and secure betting environment.

The project began as a hobby and in 2015, the owners of Digimark Limited realized that they had over 250 active clients decided to take it to the next step by opening its doors to the public under the brand name “CRsportsBet”.

Things started off well and that didn’t last too long. A couple of years tops. Things went south and they became a deposit only book. Complaints started coming in from our clients and also from all over the internet when you did a search. This book pays out low winners and anyone that wins big they will either not pay or confiscate your funds.

They personally owe one Handicappers Hideaway player over $100,000 and refuse to pay him. Thank goodness he is only out the winnings and not a lot of money out of pocket. There are also several more that are owed as well. The one that is owed a lot of money tried to get help from us, Sportsbook Review when John Walker and Bill Dozier were in charge and a few other places. No luck.


Still in Business so hope for past people not paid


Deposit Only Book No Payouts for Winners Unrealistic Bonuses Begs for Huge Deposits Reports of not paying winners at ALL Watch Dog Sites

One day after inquiring about this, the inexplicably ended our affiliate account with them and shortly after ended the program altogether from what I understand. There is no link to it on their site. Even the links from our affiliate account lead to an old site that is still up and not their current one. Only a couple of links of their current site lead to the new one. Old Site click here. New site click here.

This place is not worth playing and they are a rogue outfit. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY INTO THIS SPORTSBOOK!!!

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