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How to Become an Independent Sportsbook Operator

How To Become An Independent Sportsbook Operator

Many people dream of starting a sportsbook. However, they think that it is hard to achieve. Although there are many challenges along the way, you can become an independent sportsbook operator with the right tools. Are you wondering what bookies need to open an online sportsbook? To start with, you’ll need a mobile phone or laptop. Also, you need to ...

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How the Offensive Line Influence Football Betting

How The Offensive Line Influence Football Betting

Football bettors often ignore the offensive line when picking a side. Instead, they usually look at the running backs and QBs. However, the guys at the front don’t get the spotlight. So here’s a guide on how the offensive line influence football betting. Most casual fans don’t know how vital the offensive line is for the team. To be an ...

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Bookie Guide to Grand Salami Betting

Bookie Guide To Grand Salami Betting

Although the Grand Salami might seem like a delicious sandwich, it is a popular type of prop bet. We present a bookie guide to Grand Salami betting. It can help you understand the exciting betting option you can use on baseball and hockey games. According to Handicappers Hideaway sources, it is a cumulative total for all the games for the ...

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What Makes You Different as a Bookie?

Realbookies Bookie Software

A Bookmaker (Bookie) Have to try to Differentiate Themselves There are thousands of online and local bookies operating. In order to compete in the crowded sports betting industry, you need to stand out. If you’re having trouble attracting new players to your website, you should ask yourself what makes you different. Why would a sports bettor switch to your sportsbook ...

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Ways to Improve Bookie Business in 2022

Ways To Improve Bookie Business In 2022

2021 was a lot better than 2020. Although the world is still suffering from a pandemic, sports returned to regular programming. As a result, the sports betting industry rebounded. Some states even attracted record handle. So, with the new year, here are ways to improve bookie business in 2022. Most bookies are private companies, which implies they face various difficulties ...

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Deposit Bonus at a PPH: Is It Real?

Realbookies Pph Allows Depoit Bonus

Quality PPH Services Allow Deposit Bonus’ It’s time to start making money with fantastic promos like a deposit bonus. The best PPH offers this service to your clients and rest assured, you want to offer promos such as deposit bonuses. This is a win, win for you and your clients will love the fact that you offer what the other ...

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Pay Per Head (PPH) 101

Realbookies Pph Software

Some Basics You Need When Choosing a Pay Per Head (PPH) Today we will do a quick look at Pay Per Head (PPH) software. What is PPH you might ask? Well, keep reading for our PPH 101 guide. At a glance, PPH companies provide bookmakers with various tools that help them run their businesses better. Read on to learn more ...

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Sports Betting Players

Payperhead247 Sports Betting Software

Sports Betting Players are a PPH Bookie’s Moneymaker If you’re already a PPH bookie or looking to become one, understand that sports betting players are going to be your bread and butter most weeks. The additional gambling options are more volatile. With that being said, it’s important to focus on attracting sports betting players to your website. All PPH software ...

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How to Take Bets as a Bookie

Realbookies Bookie Software

Taking Bets as a Bookie is Not What it Seems Are you planning to start a sportsbook and take bets as a bookie? You don’t know how to go about it, but this article will put you well on your way? The first step is to create a budget covering license fees, software and hardware costs, rent, staff wages, and ...

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Must-Know PayPerHead (PPH) Info

Realbookies Payperhead Sportsbook &Amp; Casino Software

Knowing your PayPerHead (PPH) is Paramount to Success PayPerHead (PPH) sportsbooks offer bookies amazing services. Their popularity has rapidly grown globally of late and it is a must you know all you can about what service you use and other services out there. But some bookie operators barely understand what a PPH company does. Here is all you need to ...

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