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Priceperhead 247

PricePerHead 247 Software Will Take Your Bookie Business to Next Level In the sports betting industry, and above all, in the PriceperHead business, we understand that the world relies on technology nowadays, to be able to complete our efforts, optimize our offer and maximize our profits. We understand very well that every extra step, or every step backwards can cost ...

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PricePerPlayer.com Upgrades its Live Betting Platform

Priceperplayer.com Upgrades Its Live Betting Platform

Software Development and pay per head service provider, PricePerPlayer.com just announced an upgrade in their live betting platform.  The Live Betting Platform Upgrade will modernize its current platform and expand on its live In-Play Betting Options. Furthermore, the Live Betting platform upgrade will give clients 50% more wagering option.  In addition, Core Data Service (CDS) is the new provider for ...

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PricePerPlayer Adds 111 Casino Games to their Sportsbook PPH Services

Priceperplayer.com Adds 111 Casino Games To Their Sportsbook Pph Services

San Jose, Costa Rica – The Sportsbook Pay Per Head industry enjoyed doubled digit growth in 2017 thanks to an increase in online gambling popularity.  PricePerPlayer.com itself showed extensive profits in its first quarter thanks to the success of its expansion into the Asian-Market. In response to this growth, the software development company increased the number of casino games for ...

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PricePerPlayer.com Enters Agreement to Partner with Bwager.com

Priceperplayer Bwager Partnership, Priceperplayer Enters Partnership With Bwager, Priceperplayer.com Partners With Bwager.com

PricePerPlayer.com Enters Agreement to Partner with Bwager.com San Jose, Costa Rica – Software Development and pay per head service provider, PricePerPlayer, just entered a partnership deal with Bwager.com. Bwager.com is a sports betting development company based out of the Philippines with branches in Costa Rica and Panama. The partnership was created so that PricePerPlayer would be able to offer a ...

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PricePerPlayer.com Rebrands itself with a New Website and Logo

Priceperplayer.com Rebrands Itself With A New Website And Logo

PricePerPlayer.com Rebrands itself San Jose, Costa Rica – PricePerPlayer, a software Development and pay per head service provider is pleased to announce the launch of their new website.  The launch of the new website is part of their new rebranding strategy. The new vision is to showcase the many new aspects and services of their company. The newly redesigned website ...

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