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Let’s kick off NFL Week 8 with a great online betting opportunity between the Carolina Panthers visiting the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams are in desperation mode as they need to get a win and aim to make a U-Turn in a disastrous season son far. The Atlanta Falcons have a 1-6 record, while the Panthers from Carolina carry a 3-4 result in the standings.


Week 8 – Tnf – Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina PanthersBoth teams have a losing streak under their belt with the Panthers rocking a two-game losing run and the Falcons carrying a loss in Week 7. The Panthers have lost to the Saints, Bears, Bucs and Raiders and have beat the Cardinals, Chargers and Falcons. Atlanta, on the other side, have only managed to beat the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6, while losing to the Seahawks, Cowboys, Bears, Packers, Lions and of course, the Panthers. However, we need to look at a silver lining for Atlanta here, and that from those 6 losses so far, 4 of them have been by a touchdown or less.

So yes, this will be the 2nd time these teams meet in the season, the difference is that Carolina will be hosts for this encounter. Their first game of the season ended with a 23-16 score line with Teddy Bridgewater leading the way with 313 passing yards and two thrown TDs. The game was in no way a blowout and the Panthers managed to beat the Falcons in a few key areas to take home the victory.

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Falcons look to beat the spread for NFL Week 8 and avenge their Week 3 loss to the Panthers

The Falcons need a win, it’s as simple as that. Against the Panthers they have the chance to avenge their previous loss to them this season as well as gain some momentum for the rest of the campaign. They have the players to do so, with Matt Ryan at the helm and Todd Gurley running the field for them. Their defense, on the other hand, needs a bit of help as they are currently allowing their opponents to score 29.6 points per game, compared to the Falcons 26.3 points. From the 25 touchdowns that Atlanta has allowed so far this season, 19 have come through passing and only 6 have been via rushing.

So, the Falcons need to decide either to put more pressure on the opponent’s quarterback to force errors and bad decisions, or have their cornerbacks step up their game to avoid such a big amount of passing TDs. All in all, Raheem Morris, their defensive coordinator, needs to figure it out and watch plenty of game tape from their previous meeting against Carolina.

The Carolina Panthers, on the other hand, need to get back to winning ways ASAP, if they are to consider their campaign a decent one. This NFC South battle is one that hosts the bottom two teams, which might be bad news as the top two teams (Buccaneers and Saints) are playing pretty good at the moment. And yes, the betting odds favor the Panthers for this Week 8 matchup, but they’ll need to play their A-game if they are to beat the Falcons, who are thirsty for some revenge.

Our betting pick for this Thursday Night Football is going to favor the Carolina Panthers. Why? Simple, the Panthers already beat the Falcons on the road by 7 points, now they get to take care of them at home. There is a reason why Atlanta has a 1-6 record, regardless if they have had a few close encounters, they still need lots of work. The Panthers have already won 3 games this season and need only one more win to be at .500 for the season, so we are putting our money on that.

The Dart Throw: Falcons 28 - 33 Panthers

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