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NFL Preview and 5 Star Picks

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Now the Fun begins guys, we’ve been doing this since 1978 and we have rarely had bad year. The key thing to remember when betting on the NFL is that it is professional football and the teams are very even. Vegas is trying to lead your astray so read the line and look to see what they want you to do and do the opposite and you will make Money more often than not.
5 star Picks-**
Packers +4.5 over 49ers. We are not picking a side here but instead going with under 48.5.The Packers have sent Capers down to AM to study how to stop the read option, and what better way than to watch Manziel. If the Packers can stop Kaepernick from running them to death like he did in the playoff game the Niners become a very ordinary team. The 49er Defense is loaded and considering the Packers are one dimensional team as well and can’t run the ball, this will be a low scoring game. There is bad blood here, the Offenses are not ready yet as usually the case early in the season and Defenses will shine. Whoever makes a few plays at the end will win. Take the under.
Giants +3.5 over Cowboys. There are problems with both teams Offensive lines. This game will also be lower scoring then people expect. The Giants are undefeated in the new Cowboy stadium. Eli will find away to make a few big plays as will Romo. It will be a very good game and just like the Packer-Niner game it will com down to who can make a play at the end. That being said we feel very comfortable taking the extra half point, as we feel the Giants will win the game but if they don’t, they won’t lose by more than a field goal.
4 star Picks-
Lions-4.5 over Vikings.The Vikings were greatly overrated last year and snuck into the playoffs with an easy schedule over teams that were better, like the Giants or Bears or even Dallas for that matter. The Lions on the other hand lost something like 5-6 games by less than a TD. If they can win those games this year they will not only make the playoffs but go very deep. The Lions are simply a better team, and although we don’t like the line at all. We feel the Detroit will win this game comfortably and score a lot of points well. Bet Detroit here.
3 star Picks-***
Bills +9.5 over Pats. We liked this better when the line was 10.5 a few weeks ago, but we still like Buffalo here. The Bills are going to surprise a few people. They have talent all over the place, and if they can get adequate play from the Qb position they could win this weak division. If they want to do that they had better win today. The Pats have no receivers and have been “doing it with mirrors” for years now. This is the year it all catches up to “Old Man Brady”. Take the very generous spot with the home team.
Panthers+3 over Seahawks. The line is going to be off every week for a while with Seattle. They are every bodies “Darling” and Chic pick to win it all. Don’t buy it. Russell Wilson may take a step back and although they are good they are not a Dynasty yet. The Panthers are the opposite, they are being overlooked. Cam Newton already had his sophomore slump and started to play well the end of lays year. Carolina in at home and will get off on the right foot by winning this game.
Bears -3 over Bengals. Another team that is a little overrated is Cincy. They actually have talent but they are also being picked to win it all. Let’s be serious here folks can you really see a Super Bowl between the Seahawks and Bengals. Sounds more like a “Toilet Bowl to me. We like the Bears to have a good year as long as they can block for Cutler. We again like the home dog here to start their year right
Titans +7 over Steelers. Simply reading the line here. Pittsbugh never blows anyone out. The Titans seem to overachieve at times. There are questions as to whether Pittsburgh can run the ball. Tennessee can run the ball and use the clock here. We feel comfortable taking the 7 points and the Titans.
Cardinals+4.5 over Rams. Another one of our dark horse teams is Arizona. The Defense is good and Carson Palmer will make all the difference in the world to this team. We are also very fond of the Rams that are in a super tough divison.We like the 4.5 point spread here and think there is good chance Arizona wins this game.
2 star picks-**
Saints -3 over Falcons. This is a very tough one. Normally we would take the points here but New Orleans is at home, they are angry and should find a way. That being said the Falcons are very good and may win. Be careful here.
Jets +3 over Bucs. Take the under here. There is no way in hell the Jets will be able to move the ball, but there is a chance their Defense may shine against the Buc Offense. This will be old fashioned “Smash Mouth Football”. This game goes under 40.
Riders +9.5 over colts. There is no reason whatsoever to pick Oakland here that is why we have to do it. 9.5 is too many points. The Colts should have a letdown here after playing so hard late in the preseason. Take the points and Pryor.
Eagles +3.5 over Redskins. This is an NFC East game and they are always close. Who knows how RG111 will play .We also don’t know how the Eagles will play, that is why we are playing it safe and taking the points.
Chargers+3.5 over Texans. This is hard to make a case for San Diego, but this what we have been doing for many years. On Paper it looks like Houston wins. Games are not played on paprer.It’s MNF and the rule is go with the home Dog, especially in week One, when the home team will be “jazzed up”
1 star picks-*
Chiefs -3.5 over Jags. We don’t like the “Hook” here but the Chiefs are better. This game scares us and if it was a week or 2 down the road we might’ve taken the home dog.
Browns Pk over Dolphins. I have no idea who wins this game, nor do I care. But it will go under 41.5

Posted : 06/09/2013 12:44 pm
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Gl this year frankie

Posted : 06/09/2013 11:43 pm
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grumpy64;284131 wrote: Gl this year frankie

you too grumpy,Gulf Coast player said the other day when we agree,he is tailing us.

Posted : 08/09/2013 9:25 am
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Won with you on Detroit, went 4-2 on early games. Hope your Gmen come through, followed on that one too. Last game I have is GB +4.5.

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Posted : 08/09/2013 3:46 pm
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Nice day, ill be checking in next week

Posted : 08/09/2013 10:30 pm
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Weird line on SD game

Posted : 08/09/2013 10:41 pm
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good picks but sd will lose by 20 or more

Posted : 08/09/2013 10:59 pm
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