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The Top Online Gambling Trends as We Look Towards 2023

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Online Gambling Trends

2023 is Fast Approaching Let's Look Ahead at the Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is in transition. As the global situation slowly returns to normal after the pandemic, this means we are bound to see drastic changes throughout the online gambling industry both for the rest of the year and as we move into 2023.

Over the last couple of years, the changes that happened had an influence on the way online gamblers approached casino titles. Factors like advances in technology and the coronavirus outbreak contributed to the steady growth within the online gambling industry in recent years. Here we will look into some of the most popular online gambling trends that are taking the world by storm and are bound to get bigger once the new year arrives.

Betting on Smartphones

There are countless online activities that are comfortably enjoyed on smartphones and tablets, with gambling activities being no exception. Mobile betting brings the casino to players regardless of where they are in the world. Smartphone technology makes it possible for players to place bets while laying on the couch or walking the dog.

This trend is only going to get bigger and bigger. When lockdown hit, there was no chance to go out in person and visit land-based establishments, which meant many people turned to the internet to get their online gambling fix. While we’ve come on leaps and bounds since the pandemic, the shift to betting on smartphones has only grown stronger.


You’ll have had to have been living under a rock over the last few years if you scratch your head at the word cryptocurrency. This is the newest means of payment and financial transactions across the world. Cryptocurrency provides a safe and secure route for depositing and withdrawing cash on online casino websites.

In fact, several online casino platforms have adopted cryptocurrencies into their payment options. These include the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. It’s believed that cryptocurrency is only going to become more and more popular with players. If you want to play online slots and want to make deposits with cryptocurrency, it’s wise to check out Online Casino Reviews. They not only compare the best online gambling platforms but look into the payment methods of each casino too, meaning you don’t have to do all the leg work!

Live Casino

Regarding land-based casinos, many people go to them as an opportunity to interact and socialise. However, as we see online gambling continuing to surge in popularity, you may wonder, can you get the same experience online? The answer to that is yes! Many online casinos feature a live casino function. This enables players to join and play in real time. There’s also the option to actively converse with the dealer and players.

Live casino replicates the feelings and actions associated with playing at a land-based establishment. Improved internet speeds have greatly impacted the growth of this trend. Whatever types of games you enjoy playing, you can bet that live casino will continue to grow in popularity and is definitely here to stay.

Gambling on Smartwatches

Gambling on a smartwatch is a brand new trend in the online gambling industry. They’re known as the next step to bringing the casino closer to its players. Many people use their smartwatch to keep an eye on their health or for entertainment purposes. The likes of Samsung and Apple are the leaders when it comes to smartwatch brands. These two giants bring new models into the market each year that comes packed with exciting new features.

Those who are always on the go will benefit enormously from gambling on their smartwatch. You’re alerted on your device when winning chances arise. This means you don’t even have to pull out your device from your coat pocket or bag to check! It’s literally as simple as checking the time on your watch!

VR Gambling

Another trend that you’re sure to have heard of is VR. Virtual reality headsets are commonplace in many households across the country. Online casinos in particular are paying close attention to VR and how it can be integrated into their world. Features like 3D graphics and realistic sounds have been created to achieve the feat and elevate the gambling experience.

Virtual reality has been introduced to the gambling sector in recent years to make games more entertaining and exhilarating. In simple terms, you can enjoy the auditory and visual attributes of a land-based casino without having to take your feet off the couch.

The online gambling industry has always been front and centre of adopting new technology. With millions of players all over the world enjoying games, there are certain trends that are gaining momentum which could see a huge overhaul on how gamblers play their favourite casino games.

From the rise of VR gambling to currency changes, those listed above are just some of the top online gambling trends that we are expected to see both for the rest of the year and beyond.

Posted : 08/09/2022 1:44 pm
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