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Super Bowl XLIX Odds, Conference Champ Odds, Exact Matchup Odds and #1 Draft Pick Prop Bets

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2015 NFL Draft - who will be the #1 Selection?
Marcus Mariota -200
Jameis Winston +300
Any Other Player +300
Odds to win the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX
Seattle Seahawks 12/5
New England Patriots 3/1
Green Bay Packers 6/1
Denver Broncos 6/1
Dallas Cowboys 17/2
Pittsburgh Steelers 14/1
Indianapolis Colts 28/1
Baltimore Ravens 40/1
Carolina Panthers 40/1
Detroit Lions 40/1
Cincinnati Bengals 40/1
Arizona Cardinals 66/1
Odds to win the NFC
Seattle Seahawks 4/5
Green Bay Packers 11/4
Dallas Cowboys 5/1
Carolina Panthers 20/1
Detroit Lions 20/1
Arizona Cardinals 33/1
Odds to win the AFC
New England Patriots 4/5
Denver Broncos 11/4
Pittsburgh Steelers 15/2
Indianapolis Colts 14/1
Baltimore Ravens 18/1
Cincinnati Bengals 18/1
Super Bowl Exact Matchup
New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks 9/4
New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers 11/2
New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 9/1
New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers 33/1
New England Patriots vs Detroit Lions 33/1
New England Patriots Arizona Cardinals 60/1
Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks 11/2
Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers 12/1
Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys 20/1
Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers 75/1
Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions 75/1
Denver Broncos vs Arizona Cardinals 125/1
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks 12/1
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers 28/1
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys 50/1
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers 175/1
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Detroit Lions 175/1
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals 275/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks 25/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Green Bay Packers 50/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Dallas Cowboys 75/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Carolina Panthers 300/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Detroit Lions 300/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Arizona Cardinals 500/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks 33/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Green Bay Packers 66/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys 100/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Carolina Panthers 375/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Detroit Lions 375/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Arizona Cardinals 500/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Seattle Seahawks 33/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Green Bay Packers 66/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Dallas Cowboys 100/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Carolina Panthers 375/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Detroit Lions 375/1
Cincinnati Bengals vs Arizona Cardinals 500/1
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Posted : 03/01/2015 2:03 pm
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