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Proposed Tribal Gambling Rules Could Affect Online Gambling

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The Bureau of Indian Affairs published its proposed tribal gambling rules that could affect online gambling. The public comment period for the new rules ends on March 1. Then, the BIA would announce the updated regulations.

According to per head sportsbook experts, two proposed rules could affect online gambling in the US. First, states with legalized Class III gambling must negotiate with tribes for every Class III game. The second proposed rule is that tribes could offer mobile betting within the state without a license.

Under the current rules, tribes can negotiate compacts for Class III games that the state allows. However, the proposed rule would make states negotiate with tribes regarding Class III games. They claim that if any form of Class III gaming is regulated, the state should regulate all games under the category.

Proposed Tribal Gambling Rules

Proposed Tribal Gambling Rules Could Affect Online Gambling

According to sports handicapping sources, a state may be accused of "negotiating in bad faith" if it is unwilling to compromise. However, it seems this law does not apply if a game is explicitly banned, and the state does not have to negotiate over this issue.

As a result, states that permit sports betting (a Class III game) must negotiate with tribes regarding sports betting and casino games, including online games. A state might refuse and risk allegations of bad faith talks, or it can argue against a specific type of Class III gaming.

According to bookie pay per head reviews and news sites, a state may seek more stringent regulations or even a complete ban on gambling based on its worries about a particular form of the industry. For example, it includes the prevalence of problem gambling concerning internet casinos. Negotiations are deemed good faith if the state presents reasonable concerns.

It paves the way for tribal communities to jump to the front line to access virtual casino games. With this law and the one in the next heading, tribes could completely turn the tables on their commercial counterparts in internet gaming.

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