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Overview of the State of Poker in Spain

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Spain has become an international poker destination since it approved the poker liquidity deal in 2017. Other countries that are part of the deal are France, Portugal, and Italy. As a result, players can play online poker in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France without any restrictions.

Since 2017, online gambling has flourished in Spain. As a soccer-loving nation, Spain is one of the significant soccer wagering markets. However, sports wagering is just one of the gambling sectors that residents enjoy doing.

According to HandicappersHideaway.com sources, people play poker in casinos and online gambling sites. Although people in Spain think of poker as a pastime, some professional players come from the country. One of them is Adrian Mateos, who won three World Series of Poker tournaments.

Poker in Spain

Overview Of The State Of Poker In Spain

At present, 43 poker rooms are operating in the country. They have licenses from Spanish regulators.

According to bookie PPH sources, Spain legalized gambling in 1977 after the fall of the Franco regime. In 1981, the nation legalized all games of chance. The government came up with the Spanish Gaming Act in 2011 to standardize gambling rules and regulations.

As a result, residents can enjoy online poker. The industry has continued to grow since then. Also, Spanish casinos host some of the largest poker tournaments in the world, including Party Poker Live and WSOP events.

However, it is hard to apply for a poker license in Spain. Although you have good bookie software and a poker platform, regulators have strict qualifications. Also, online poker sites need to pay 15 percent tax on their gross income.

The tax rate is high compared to other countries such as the United States. If Spain wants to attract more online poker sites, it should consider lowering the tax rate. Also, better policies will encourage tourists to invest in Spain’s online gambling sector.

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