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North Coast Sports Star Picks For Sunday 1/11/15 N.F.L. Playoffs!!!!!

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Guys Please be careful.......They lost both picks yesterday lol

BRONCOS by 10 Rating: 3 Star

This is the 3rd Luck/Manning contest with IND winning the 1st by 6&DENwinningTYby7inwk#1.INDhada271-87ydedgeinthe 2H of TY's matchup as DEN worked out the kinks on a defense with 5 new starters. IND is 5-3 SU/ATS on the road for +40 ypg (-1 TO's) while DEN is 8-0 SU/4-4 ATS at home with +98 ypg (+5 TO's) which is 2nd best in the NFL. Luck is 0-2 SU/ATS on the road in the playoffs avg 310 ypg (51%) 2-5 with most of his yds in comeback situations.
Luck has his 3rd straight 11 win ssn & finished 2nd in pass yds largely due to the lack of a reliable run game. Hilton has earned the right to be called a #1 WR (but struggles LW) & Wayne remains a dangerous #2 but theyareclearlya2TEteamatthispoint.TheOLhashad8consecutive different starting combos coming into this game so it not 100% on the RB's for the #22 rush attack. IND's defense has been rather healthy (FS Landry was susp) TY with the CB's being the strength. IND went 2-4 SU/3-3 ATS vs playoff teams for -33 ypg (+2 TO's) in the reg ssn TY.
DEN earned 871 yds less but allowed 813 fewer yds & 45 less pts than LY's unit. Manning hasn't been as effective partially due to the early bye, but his OL hasn't been as good as LY (3 diff OL combos), they didn't have the same power run game until CJ Anderson stepped up (DEN #11, 131, 4.3 s/STL) & the WR/TE Thomas duo have been dinged up with injuries. DEN has also been hit hard by inj's at LB but the key has been the health of Von Miller/Ware who teamed for 24 sks on the #11 pass rush D. Talib draws the #1 WR's but Chris Harris has been the most consistent & effective #2 CB in the NFL as DEN allowed an NFL low 6.0 ypa! DEN went 2-3 vs playoff teams TY but were +74 ypg (-4 TO's) with the losses to SEA, NE & CIN.
IND rolled a depleted CIN team at home but now face a rested Broncos unit. IND's OL is a bad match for DEN's pass rush who's secondary is built for NE. DEN's balanced offense should overpower IND's defense & Hilton to be shutdown by the Broncos defense.

PACKERS by 13 Rating: 4 Star

Is this the QB duel of the week? DAL is 8-0 SU/7-1 ATS on the
road (+39 ypg +11 TO's) thanks to Romo avg 242 ypg (71%) 20-2 for 121.8 QBR. GB is 8-0 SU/6-2 ATS at home w/ Rodgers hitting for 292 ypg (67%) 25-0 133.2 QBR. Romo has redeemed himself TY & the playoff win gives Jason Garrett lots of leverage as he's a FA coach. McCarthy is on a 5-2-1 ATS run in the playoffs while the pressure shifts to the DAL defense in the cold here.
The Cowboys OL has been the best in the NFL for 2014. Murray has taken the pressure off Romo to do it all while Bryant has finally matured into a complete WR.Witten doesn't have the usual numbers but teams know he's not the 1st option anymore. Former DET HC Marinelli has been a genius getting the most he can out of a D who's lone 1st Rd DC starter is former OAK castoff McClain. DAL gives up pass yds in bunches but boasted a 4-7 ratio in Dec. The Cowboys went 2-1 SU/ATS vs playoff teams in reg ssn for +90 ypg (+0 TO's).
GB & PHI were the only teams to finish in the top 10 for total, pass & rushing offense in 2014. While Rodgers (calf) has been dinged having RB Lacy to lay the hammer down when needed & run out the clock is something quite a few playoff teams lack. While no longer the deepest WR unit GB brings two 1,200 yd WR's & a 1,100 yd RB to the table. GB closed the reg ssn outgaining 8 straight foes by 113 ypg on avg with 33 ppg. Rodgers gets the MVP votes but the GB defense is vastly improved thanks health & are allowing almost a yard less in ypa vs LY (7.8 vs 6.9) w/ 7 more ints. GB went 3-2 SU/ATS vs playoff teams in reg ssn for -4 ypg (+2 TO's) but +31 ypg minus the SEA game in Wk 1.
DAL exorcised its playoff demons LW but now travel outdoors on a slow field & their defense face a stouter challenge vs Rodgers. Inc playoffs GB is 11-1 ATS off a bye & have the defensive edge which will be the key difference in this battle.

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Topic starter Posted : 11/01/2015 8:24 am
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Thanks buddy!!!1

Posted : 11/01/2015 9:18 am


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