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NBA Trade Rumors – Who is Next?

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NBA insiders are already discussing potential NBA trader rumors after James Harden joined Kevin Durant in Brooklyn. Superstar movements are common in the last decade, but they became more prevalent in recent years.

Five former MVPs have changed teams, with some changing teams at least twice. Half of the people who played in the All-Star Game 2018 switched teams. Most of the superstars went to top NBA teams.

However, the trade rumors have slowed down after Harden’s move. A team usually trade their stars when there’s a risk of losing them in free agency. There are a few players that will be free agents in the offseason. Victor Oladipo already moved as part of the Harden trade. Kawhi Leonard’s contract is expiring, but there are no talks of him moving away from Los Angeles.

NBA Trade Rumors

Nba Trade Rumors – Who Is Next?According to a white label sportsbook, many big-name free agents exist in 2022. However, most of them are in stable situations, such as Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Jimmy Butler. Kyrie Irving is a big question mark after his action, or his lack of it, in recent weeks.

Based on a sports handicapping forum, the top free-agent prospect next offseason is Bradley Beal. Washington is 3-8, and Beal has been vocal about his complaints against the team. With his contract expiring, the Wizards might be looking for trade possibilities for their star guard.

Another potential free agent is Kyle Lowry. The Raptors have the cap space to re-sign him in the offseason. However, they can trade him if they want to rebuild for the next season. On the other hand, trading him would be more challenging because the team can’t expect a superstar in return.

Those are some of the big names in the free agency market in 2022. Knowing player movements is essential if you want to learn how to be a college bookie. You can start a bookie business today with a PPH solution.

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