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Mobile Bettors are Becoming More Prevalent

Mobile bettors have caused mobile gambling to have grown to be the most popular form of betting worldwide. Most bookies have sophisticated software that accepts different mobile bets.

But, there are different types of gamblers. These are the six most common ones.

Compulsive Bettors

These pundits cannot control their betting urges. Most of them have been betting for several months or years and have lost control of their habits. They might have tried to stop gambling but end up relapsing after a while.

Compulsive bettors tend to overlook most personal and professional activities and concentrate on gambling. Some of them ignore their health, as they want to be in a casino at a particular time. They have addiction signs like those of alcoholism.

It is difficult for such people to retain full-time jobs as they lack good time management skills. They usually lack a daily routine and are often in debt.

Generally, compulsive gamblers opt to lie or steal to settle outstanding debts or get money to wager with. The University Hospital of Bellvitge and the Autonomous University of Barcelona discovered in a recent study that there are different categories of compulsive bettors, including:

  • Highly disorganized and emotionally unstable
  • Alcoholics
  • Those with a globally adapted personality
  • Poorly adapted socially

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Professional Gamblers

Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey are popular professional pundits. Gambling is their main source of income, and they often don't rely on their intuition alone. Instead, they calculate odds and analyze statistics to win consecutive bets.

These bettors overcome odds by taking calculated risks. They are patient and avoid tilting when on a losing streak.

Many professional gamblers select betting mediums whose outcome requires luck and some skills. You can identify them in magazines and television as they like being interviewed.

These bettors aren't addicted to betting. They are looking for opportunities to beat bookies and win huge amounts of money.

Casual Social Bettors

Social gamblers visit different online bookies, casinos, and social betting events to meet with like-minded players, interact with friends or relax on holidays and weekends. They focus on their health, personal, and work commitments as they aren't addicted to gambling.

The bettors gamble for recreation and limit the amount of time and money they spend on online sportsbooks. Typically, they choose games that many people wager on, thus making it hard to find them at a slot machine. Besides, they aren't consistent bettors.

Personality Gamblers

They are people who bet illegally to make a profit. It is tricky to identify them if you aren't in their social circles.

Many personality bettors spend time fixing horse races and organizing poker games in secluded rooms. They often use marked cards to dupe amateurs. So, you cannot find them at slots machines or poker tables.

Some of the bettors are addicted to betting, while others claim that gambling addiction made them start engaging in various illegal activities. DJ Campbell is a popular personality gambler who faces several match-fixing convictions.

Conservative Pundits

They often visit casinos for fun and not winnings. They spend a lot of time creating their betting budget and pick games with low risks and stakes.

Conservative gamblers aren't addicted to betting and don't neglect their responsibilities. You can find them at slot banks and low-stake tables. This category includes gambling tourists who live in countries that ban different types of betting.

Escape and Relief Gamblers

Some people take alcohol and drugs when they are anxious or depressed. Yet, others opt to gamble as it offers them a therapeutic experience. So, escape, and relief gamblers place bets when they are emotionally unstable. They often lose bets, as they don't analyze games.

Some people venture into gambling believing that it will start earning them a living soon. After a while, some bettors get addicted to betting and start placing bets daily while others wager during their leisure time. Bookies tell bettors to gamble responsibly with money they can afford to lose.


Posted : 03/09/2021 1:19 pm
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