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How to Cut Down Your Losses as Bookies

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Payperhead247 Sportsbook Services

Bookies Need to Utilize PPH Tools to Limit Losses

Pay per head software is certainly not a new phenomenon for bookies in the sports gambling business. Some of the more prominent per head providers have been around for more than a decade and many of those parent companies have been around for more than twenty years.

The Pay per head providers have greatly improved their software over the last several years and now include not only an online sportsbook but a casino and racebook as well. The time to get in is now, sports gamblers have upped the ante to the tune of billions spent every single year.

The Super Bowl alone sees upwards of $35 billion in the United States. The numbers are mind-boggling, and they don’t lie. Gamblers want in, they think they can beat the bookie and they will go broke trying. There are real technological solutions available to help you become the wealthy bookmaker that you have always dreamed of being.

  • The pay per head providers have worked diligently over the past few years to perfect their product and a few of them have been successful. Pay per head software is a program unto itself, but the best thing about the software is the fact that you will never have to install it, fix it, program it, or hassle with it in any way.

  • The software that’s provided by the PPH providers is 100% online and ready to be used by you and your clients. When you sign up for the PPH software, the PPH provider works due-diligence to make sure they custom build the right program for you.

  • The software is the gaming system that you will use daily as well as your betting clients.  Now, your clients can log in to their account and start gambling from the comforts of their home or wherever they may find themselves throughout the world—anywhere the internet is available.

  • As the bookie, you do not need the ability to program, code, web host, site-build – all you need is the ability to turn on a computer and click a mouse. There is nothing difficult to learn. Bookie software is programmed to take bets for your clients, count the money (the program is your accountant). The software sets the daily lines, and odds, they place the daily events, as well as future odds and lines.

  • The bookie can interact with the software and make any changes deemed necessary. The bookie has complete control, it’s your website, in real-time, with a real domain name. The software generates reports on an on-demand basis. Should you want a player report at 3:15 AM, then you can print or view the report. Should you want the same report 2-minutes later, you can get the report.

  • Client services within the PPH operate the software 24/7 and better yet, they offer a toll-free hotline to both you and your clients. This hotline is available in the United States and comes with live, English-speaking agents that are not only friendly, but they are also product knowledgeable. The agents understand the gaming industry, they understand gamblers, and they understand bookies. Most pay per head providers are operated by former gamblers and bookies.

  • When doing business with a PPH you can rest assured of up-time. The one thing that’s a bookie killer is not sharp players, it’s downtime. You must have a web presence and you must be reliable. When shopping for a PPH provider, be sure to find those that come loaded with outstanding reviews for up-time, security, and client services.

  • In recent years, the cost of doing business with a PPH provider has decreased greatly. Now you can get in with the best PPH software suppliers on the internet for $10-$15 per head. You pay when the players are active and one-time per week. Nothing more, nothing less, it’s that simple. For the cost of a minimum bet, you get all the service of a top-notch pay per head and the software that comes with it.

Payperhead247 Bookies Software Services

You may be technically challenged, or you may be a technical genius, either way, you will find that doing business with a pay per head and making the investment in the software they provide is the best move for your bookie business.

Change your life, start reaping the rewards.

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Posted : 26/05/2021 9:10 pm
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