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Florida State’s new logo leaked, new uniforms coming

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2:25 pm April 4, 2014, by Andy Johnston
Chief Osceola has a new look.
Florida State has confirmed what everybody thought.
FSU has a new logo.

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Lbh63Xw Normal Handicappers Hideaway Phil Hecken @PhilHecken
Besides new logo, FSU will get new helmets & unis "that are not Oregon-ish" -> http://bit.ly/1jaLRcq
11:57 AM - 4 Apr 2014

It sort of looks like a young Burt Reynolds (FSU alum) in makeup, not a Native American, but someone gave it the OK.
A T-shirt with the new logo was first seen at a Walmart, a week earlier than planned, according to reports.
The logo is part of a athletic department-wide rebranding, which will come with new uniforms, including for the football team.
Here’s Bud Elliot of Tomahawk Nation:
“While I have not seen the new uniforms, I have been told by three people I trust who have seen them that the uniforms look great, and are not ‘Oregon-ish.’ These folks are traditionalists, and seem to like the uniform changes more than the logo. The Seminole Tribe imagery is incorporated on the shoulder pads in an awesome way, and also perhaps with some trim. The garnet used on the logo, the jersey, and the pants (if any), will be the same shade.”
Elliot wrote that the helmets also are changing:
“And these are important, because many will argue that Florida State’s helmet is more iconic and recognizable than its Chief Osceola logo. First, the spear is different. They now cross in the back of the helmet and are more Nike-ized. The Tomahawks will still be used. I am very aware of a matte garnet Florida State helmet, with color-change paint, and a gold face mask. However, I do not believe that will be the main helmet. I believe it could be paired with a garnet-on-garnet uniform combination. The blackout uniforms, which the players overwhelmingly love, are also still there.”
A FSU official told ESPN.com that the “changes are very minor and the primary thing people will see is consistency in the garnet,” but some folks aren’t happy.

NOLE NATION @keepthischief Follow
We are nearing 10,000 signatures. Please sign and share. #keepthischief #fsulogo https://www.change.org/petitions/florida-state-university-powers-that-be-we-the-people-of-fsu-fan-base-alumni-boosters-students-etc-wholeheartedly-disapprove-of-new-logo-design-we-want-action-restore-traditional-classic-design-or-we-will-not-purchase …
1:12 PM - 4 Apr 2014

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I want to make a difference by stopping the viewpoint that everything must be progressive. Sometimes tradition is a much better way to go. "If it...

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I don’t like the new logo, but the new uniforms sound like something befitting the national champs.


Posted : 09/04/2014 1:40 pm
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I don't like it...I'm usually resistant to change.

Posted : 09/04/2014 2:16 pm


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