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Clonwney- a good as L.T.

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I was looking at an article comparing Clowney to Lawrence Taylor (LT) of the N.Y. Giants. It's funny to see stupid shit like this, especially since at the same time you see criticisms of Clowney as a lazy player. How in the hell to you compare a guy who many think takes plays off and doesn't work that hard to someone like L.Taylor?

This is a great example of people looking at the physical specimen that Clowney is and translating that superficial assessment into what he will do in the pro game. We don't know what he'll do in the pro game yet because at that level he'' face better competition (regularly) and we also don't know how the huge money they throw at him will effect his motivation. We do know that Taylor was one of the greatest to ever grace the NFL. Until Clowney puts in a few years, I think it would be best to hold off on comparisons like that. :lolsigns

Posted : 15/04/2014 9:27 am
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Clowney aint' fuled by Powder :cokesniff

Posted : 15/04/2014 10:00 am
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