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Chicago Bulls Without Patrick Williams

Brian C
Member Moderator

Obviously, Patrick Williams is not the only player in the Chicago Bulls who can deliver well. But he has proven to be a reliable player capable of holding himself against other powerful players. But with him missing out potentially the rest of the season (only a small possibility he can return for playoffs), how the Bulls be able to adjust to a Williams-less roster?

Their next few games alone will be against the Jazz, the 76ers, the Celtics, the Nets and the Mavericks. Jevonte Green could stand in for Williams, but how will he fare against the likes of Joel Embiid, Blake Griffin, Kristaps Porzingis, and the like? Wonder if the Bulls can adapt their strategy well, and if it will be good enough to coast through to the postseason.

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Topic starter Posted : 30/10/2021 8:15 am


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