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BetAnySports.eu Sportsbook Review

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Betanysports.eu Sportsbook

9.5 out of 10 RATING

In this BetAnySports.eu sportsbook review, we are happy to say it is a top rated sportsbook that is part of the 5Dimes family.  Instead of offering a website with a lot of hype and excitement, their website is simple and to the point.  They are located and licensed in Costa Rica and is on our “Top Sportsbooks” list.

They mostly concentrate on offering sports betting but once in a while, you will see them offer odds unusual events. Some of these events include odds on the Oscars, eating contests and politics.

Every sportsbook review website you will encounter always gives them top scores.

For an American bettor, this is an excellent place to bet on sports. This is truly a one-stop shop for any gambler no matter what country you are in! One of the best thing abot BetAnySports is that they have never had a legitimate payment complaint logged with the gambling industry regulators

BetAnySports.eu General Information

  • Inception: 2001
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Website: betanysports.eu
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin
  • Telephone: 1-800-604-5922
  • Live Chat: yes, Service Hours: Customer support is 24/7
  • Email: customerservices@betanysports.eu
  • Bet: $0.50 online and $50 by phone
  • Max Bet: $5,000
  • Welcome Bonus: Up to 50% Free Play Bonus
  • Re-up Bonus: 20% Bonus
  • Free Payouts
  • Low Juice
  • Early Betting Lines
  • Mobile Betting
  • Sports betting on all major sports
  • Live-in play
  • Racebook
  • 10% Racebook Rebate
  • Poker
  • Online Casino
  • Casino Rebates
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Lotto
Bet On Sports At Betanysports.eu

BetAnySports.eu Banking Options

As with any large sportsbook, they offer many ways to deposit and withdraw money to make it as convenient as possible for its clients. However, there are a few banking restrictions depending on where the play is located or banking at.

Person to Person processors restricred countries Japan  RESTRICTED LOCATIONS FOR PAYOUTS
Arizona Rumania Mexico Cashier Checks
Armenia Bahamas Philippines Washington - No E-checks fro NY State
Australia Costa Rica Turks and Caicos Islands  
Austria Colombia Ukraine BANK WIRES
Russian Federation Croatia India Washington
Spain Denmark Brazil  
Turkey Germany Portugal MONEY GRAM
Ukraine Israel Netherlands Arizona
Philippines Jamaica Arab Emirates  

BetAnySports.eu Deposit Options

Method Minumum Maximum Fees Time frame Cashier Disclaimer
BITCOIN The equivalent to $25 $10,000 No up to 2hrs Yes Easy to do and has no fees
CREDIT / DEBIT CARD $50 $350 Yes Almost Immediately Yes Verification process prior a withdrawal when using a card. We cover exchange fees.
PERSON TO PERSON $100 $750 Yes 20 up to 2hrs Yes We cover fees for deposits over $300
E-CHECKS $200 $2,999 Yes Up to 10 days to clear Yes Not available for newbies.
All accounts submitting Bitcoin payout requests must have activated the Device-based Authentication Service prior to entering the request. Failing to do so will result in the payout's immediate rejection.

BetAnySports.eu Payouts Options

Payout Options
Method Minumum Maximum Fees Time frame Cashier Advantages
BITCOIN $50 $5,000 No 24 to 48 hours Yes  Maximum 1 POs every 7 days or up only (Non-Exclusives)
PERSON TO PERSON $100 $500 Yes up to 4 days CS Available 24/7
BANK WIRES $1,000 $9,500 Yes 4 to 6 Business days (could take longer) CS Eligibility: At least 3 prior successful Check
CHECKS $1,000 $3,000 Yes  7 to 10 business days Yes ?
ACH $500 $2,150 Yes Up to 4 business days to complete ? ?
BOOK TO BOOK TRANSFER $500 Contact CS No 24 to 48 hours No It will be available soon

Credit Card Processing

Type of Card conversion rates Fees Processor Available for payouts Newbies Possible reasons why  the transaction was declined by authorization system
Visa . No Unkonwn No Yes They need to make sure the card is clear for international online charges.
Master Card . No Unkonwn No Yes Check if the card has sufficient funds.
American Express . No Unkonwn No Yes Most likely the CVV# or any information (exp date or cc #s) was enter incorrectly
Discover . No Unkonwn No Yes The specific card you are using will not work on our site. Please try a different card
Gift Cards . No Unkonwn no Yes The transaction is not working because you are not waiting 10 minutes between
JCB na No Unkonwn no Yes The customers card has not been whitelisted. Contact customer support.

For assistance with transaction please contact a credit card department representative through our website. We do not cover the separate foreign fee charge by the bank.

We don't charge customers any fees, however our processor is overseas and a small fee will be charged. Customer must fillout a verification form.

Min $50 - $350 max per transactions. Every 24 hrs $1000 (accumulated) or 4 approved transactions. Every 7 days $2000 (accumulated). Every 30 days $3000 (accumulated or 12 approved transactions

Min $50 - $500 max per transaction. Every 24 hrs $3000 (accumulated) or 6 approved transactions. Every 7 days $4500 (accumulated). Every 30 days $7500 (accumulated) or 20 approved transactions

Min $50 - $750 max per transaction. Every 24 hrs $4500 (accumulated) or 8 approved transactions. Every 7 days $7500 (accumulated). Every 30 days $15000 (accumulated) or 40 approved transactions.

Min $50 - $1000 max per transaction. Every 24 hrs $6000 or 10 approved transactions. Every 7 days $15000. Every 30 days $50000 or 60 approved transactions

Min $50 - $$1000 max per transaction. Every 24 hrs $10000 (accumulated) or 20 approved transactions. Every 7 days $30000 (accumulated). Every 30 days $100.000 (accumulated or 99 approved transactions.

BetAnySports.eu Sportsbook Rewards and Bonuses

UP TO 50% INITIAL FREE PLAY 2.50 $5,000 UP TO 6X With in 24 hours Contact Customer Service 10% (2X) 20%(3X) 30%(4X) 40%(5X) 50%(6)
35% FREE PLAY UP FRONT $25 $700 6X With in 24 hours Contact Customer Service Any payout processed in the past 30 days must be covered
LESS JUICE $1 na na Any Day Contact Customer Service MLB 5-cent overnight money lines are available.
HOUSE MONEY PACKAGE $25 $5,000 1 NO TIME FRAME Contact Customer Service Just make 6 deposits, and the 7th one is on the house. Is an avarage on the total dep volume
LUCKY100 $25 $100 1 With in 24 hours Contact Customer Service Maximum match $100. cux must recquested within 24hrs
FREE LOTTO TICKETS $5 $150 1 With in 24 hours Contact Customer Service After your initial deposit, for reload deposits your account can receive a 5%, 10% and 15% Lotto
CASINO REBATE Min credit: $2.50 20% 1 Every 30 days or more… Contact Customer Service All net loses on casin games.
KIKCKBACK PACKAGE Min credit: $2.50 15% 1 Every 30 days or more… Contact Customer Service 15% Cash rebate on the total net losses 3 times a year. Payouts and balance effect the bonus

Rewards and Promotions earned after deposits and sportsbook/casino transfers are only valid if the amount deposited remains active in the account for 30 days. Winnings may be redeemed as desired.

The kickback is calculated using the following formula: (new deposits for the period) - (payouts for the period) - (current & pending balance) - (accumulated winnings from previous periods) X (rebate percentage) = (kickback award)

The formula applied to calculate your 7th On the House deposit will be: (Sum of all 6 eligible deposits - Net losses in sports pools - Live Dealer Tips) divided by 6.

The Casino Rebate is calculated as follows: It’s a cash back based on the overall losses in all our Casinos including Live Dealer and Mini Games.

Other Perks

MAD BONUS $100 $250 20,30,40,50,100 Within 24 hours ONLINE SUPPORT Only for casino bonus
REFERRAL REWARD $5 $200 6x FP Within 24 hours Contact Customer Service  Maximum Free Play Referral Reward is $200. Maximum Lotto Referral Reward is $100
RACEBOOK 10% LESS THAN A $1 na NO ROLLOVER Every day ONLINE SUPPORT Automaticly done
Convert Free Play to Cash $4 $350 6x FP Within 24 hours Contact Customer Service  Cust can request their Free-Plays to be converted to cash (50% of the amount the free-play

BetAnySports.eu Sportsbook Review

BetAnySports.eu is a friendly sportsbook that mostly concentrates on offering the best in sports betting and online casino games. It’s great that they do not have many player restrictions in terms of who can use their services. They have excellent customer service and it is available in several different languages such as: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin.

User Interface

Their sports betting platform is simple and easy to use. Some may argue that their betting interface is outdated but if it works there is no need to change it. In addition, after restyling, the entire website has gained a fairly better design for smartphones and tablets, enabling busy Bitcoin-oriented customers who place their bets on the go to move around the platform faster and easier. Users now have access to a more clearly interface, including admission to games, customer support and cashier.

To open one of the categories and start playing, players must go to the upper right corner and choose their favorite casino. Under the menu, one can also inquire more about payouts, rules, live lines, security and other policies. This gaming hub is accessible across all platforms and operating systems, including iOS and Android.

One thing that sets them apart is the low juice which makes their sports betting odds very attractive. They put up their betting lines early which can be a great advantage for the serious sports bettor.

Mobile Compatibility

BetAnySports is a fully-optimized site, which means that you can engage with it from your mobile device and do it seamlessly. You can pull up the website, log in, and play everything as if you were on your computer.

This goes for the iPad, iPhone, Android or similar devices. Recommended web browsers: chrome and firefox

Customer Suppor at BetAnySports.eu

  • To reach BetAnySports customer service by phone simply, here are the available numbers: Toll-Free +1 800 604 5922 Back Up +1 888 991 9131
  • Email: customerservice@betanysports.eu
  • Racebook: racebook@betanysports.eu
  • Casino: casino@betanysports.eu
  • New Accounts: newaccounts@betanysports.eu
  • Tech Support: customerservice@betanysports.eu
  • Affiliate Program: affiliate@betanysports.eu

Our Recommendation

Anyone who bets on sports should open an account with BetAnySports.eu. They are a sportsbook with not only a good reputation for fast payouts but also for having top customer service. We have never heard of any legitimate complaints about this company and do not expect any in the future.


Bet On Sports At Betanysports.eu

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