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Attempted Rape Charges Filed against Mason Greenwood of Manchester United

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Mason Greenwood of Manchester United faces an attempted rape charge. The Greater Manchester Police confirmed the report on Saturday. Also, the GMP said they arrested Greenwood on Saturday after breaching his bail.

According to Discount Pay Per Head sources, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Janet Potter said that the Crown Prosecution Service allowed the GMP to charge Greenwood. Also, she added that he faces three counts of attempted rape from the same complainant.

Greenwood’s first court appearance will be on October 17. Manchester United suspended its striker earlier this year pending the results of an investigation. Also, the team said Greenwood’s suspension remains in effect.

Mason Greenwood Faces Attempted Rape Charges

Attempted Rape Charges Filed Against Mason Greenwood Of Manchester United

Nike stopped sponsoring him, and Electronic Arts took him off the active teams in its Fifa 22 game.

A sports handicapping forum says that the alleged rape happened on October 22, 2021, and the alleged assault happened in December of last year.

The accusation of controlling and forcing behavior goes back to November 2018.

Ms. Potter said that the charges were made after a file of evidence from the police was looked at by prosecutors who specialize in rape cases.

The forward was arrested in January after pictures and videos online showed accusations against him.

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Posted : 15/10/2022 5:00 pm

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