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Announcement About Most of Our Contests

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Many of the Contests we have will be hosted here and all plays will be made at Contest General. Nothing will change about finding out about the contests and sponsors. All that will be done here. The only changes will be that you have to sign up at their place and enter our contest with a promocode that will be in each thread for contests. WE will still have our Sportsbook sponsors and prizes awarded at for those contests. Some of the contests we have will have to be manually graded, but the ones we can have will be hosted at the contest site. Doing this frees myself, CG and Jrod up to do other things for the site instead of spending all our time grading contests during foots and hoops. Everything will be automated and we will also post the standings each week over here..

CG and I talked about this and we didn't make this decision lightly. I am a staunch believer that you rarely ever take people away from your site. But in the evolving digital and online gambling and sports forum world we realize we have to change with it. The more efficient we can become will please the posters. Contests in general dont' generate posting volume for a forum, but are vital to a forums ability to offer perks for its users and loyal posters and sports players. This gives us a chance to do that. I am good friends with the owners and he is the only reason I am moving as I trust him and know that the software is top of the line and our users will be happy with it.

Here are some advantages for hosting the contests there for us

  • Automatic grading
  • you can make plays as soon as the lines come out so you don't have to wait for anyone else to post the lines if you can't be around
  • frees HH up to focus on other things for HH
  • software is easy to use and self explanatory
  • gives us the opportunity to have more contests. Many times we limit how many we have because of the time it takes to grade them and keep up with them.

Check the site out and let us know what you think or any questions

About Contest General

Are you looking for a full service website to provide you with the means and functionality to create and host your own sports pools and contests? ContestGeneral.com was built just for that reason.
More and more people are turning to online services to host their contests as they provide easy to use solutions and easily customized options for a variety of contests available for all major sports leagues. This not only enhances the entertainment value of the contest, but it allows contest managers to operate their contests more efficiently.
Contest General specializes in offering the following types of contests for all sports leagues:
- Pick'em Contests: Pick winners straight up or against the odds. Available all year long for all major sports.
- Survivor/Loser Pools: Be the Last Man Standing, available all year long for all major sports including Tournament Madness with multiple options for settings.
- Squares: A classic contest of chance utilizing a grid of 100 squares that can be used throughout the year for all major sports. Try out our Tourney Squares as well for Tournament Madness, they are insane!!!
- Share Pools: A newer feature that allows users to create their own Fantasy Sports Exchange, allocating "shares" on specific matchups for specific sports leagues.
- Streak Contests: Pick winners from multiple sports leagues throughout the year to claim the title of, "Ultimate Capper" among your friends.
- Bracket Contests: We offer the most customizable Tournament Madness bracket contest on the market today with multiple features to give you the best bracket for your buck.
- Tourney Madness Survivor, Share and Seed Value Contests: What could be a better opportunity than during Tournament Madness for Survivor, Share and Seed Value contests.
- MLB 13 Run Contests: Pick your favorite MLB team in a race to complete the scoring rotation of 0 - 13 to win.
The team at Contest General is made up of sports contest operators and enthusiasts with a combined 35 years in the business. Each member with their own style and analytical thinking that when mixed together has created a truly pleasureable and fully customized contest hosting experience.
Our goal is to provide you with the very best in service, options, technology and ease of use to take the pain out of hosting and make sure it is enjoyable not only for the contestants, but the contest host as well. Because whats the point of running a contest that turns into a second job?
We take pride in maintaining the integrity of your contest as we carefully record and log everyone's picks and actions. As part of that integrity we believe that transparency is the key which is why we have made considerations for all possible scenarios that may occur with your contestants picks and you can be assured there is an answer for it all.
We have invested thousands of hours refining our software (and hardware, and networks, etc.) to make the website work for you. We listen to our customers and make improvements every year based on their feedback.
Contest General is very strict when it comes to our clients' personal information which is why we will never share your email address or other personal information with anyone.
Contest General is a hosting service only and does not take bets nor pay out prizes for contests. We do charge a fee for hosting your pool, generally $1-$2 per entry. For your money you get a fast, reliable, easy to use, fine tuned web site with quick and useful responses to your email questions and free telephone support if you need it.
The Contest General Headquarters is located in Florida and complies with all United States Federal and State laws as they pertain to online sports contests.
Try us for FREE!!! You may start a pool or contest free with no obligation to use it. There's absolutely no risk to try anything on our site, so go ahead and test it out, take a site tour, set up a contest and write us if you have any questions or suggestions.
Best Regards,
The Team at ContestGeneral.com
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask, however we ask that you consider the following before making your inquiry:
- Please check the FAQ page before calling. It will address most, if not all questions that we frequently receive.
- Due to the high volume of calls we receive, it isn't always possible to leave a voice mail. If you can't reach us during business hours, sending an email is the most efficient way to contact us. You can do this through our Contact Submission Form.
- We are normally in the office, Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:30pm Eastern. However, we do normally monitor all email submissions throughout the weekend.
Email: CS@ContestGeneral.com
Phone: 1-888-887-0660
11173 SW Springtree Terrace
Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34987

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Thank you for sharing contest information with us. 

Posted : 16/10/2020 5:44 am
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The contest is super interesting, thanks for sharing.

Posted : 24/10/2020 2:30 am


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