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Draftster Monday = Get After It Day! ​

FanPicks Over DraftDay

Draftster was bought out by DraftKings. They are a top quality fantasy sports website, but we would rather you play elsewhere Please play at some of the smaller quality daily fantasy sports websites as it increases your chance to win. We recommend Fanpicks.

Monday = Get After It Day!

At Draftster, Monday = GET AFTER IT DAY! Our $5 MLB Fastball Tournament dishes out $500 in guaranteed payouts — head to Draftster.com and select your squad now before it’s too late! MLB contests start at 4:05pm and NBA starts at 4:00pm PST.

Draftster. OWN your TV time.

Featured Contests


MLB $500 Fastball

1st: $75
Entry Fee: $5

Double Up

MLB X2 $10

1st-10th: $20
Entry Fee: $10

Quintuple Up

NBA X5 $10

1st-2nd: $50
Entry Fee: $10

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