Balmy Weather Helps Denver in their visit to Cincinnati

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Is Peyton walking between the raindrops during the twilight of his career? The weather issues that have been plaguing him has been mysteriously missing during this season. Take for instance, their Monday Night game at Cincinnati (9-4-1). The first thing any capper worth their salt should do is consult the weather report. How will this influence the America’s Bookie NFL Free Pick of the Week? Read on to find out if a home dog Bengals can cover and possibly win straight up?

No Name for This

Storms that have the strength to cripple economies usually have names. Katrina was a major one but the National Weather Service likes to don names on any old storm. Unfortunately, the weather that will cripple Bengal’s bettors will not have a name? Why not? Because mild weather interests no one but us. A possible fifty degree high for Ohio is unseasonably warm. Their might be rain by game time but the temperature will not represent any factor of frozen tundra. Without that, the Manning deep ball will have some distance still left in it.

What then?

Brand name is Peyton but the method of victory for the Broncos is their rushing attack. Everyone knows what you get and do not from the Bronco’s signal caller. They have spent this run developing the ground game. Residents of the Mile High City should be satisfied with the results. CJ Anderson is on the uptick as of late. With enough potent short threats wide of the box, interior rushing should be available all day against an average Bengals defensive line.

Wow all of this and no uttering Dalton’s name? The regular season warrior has been sloppy in retention of the ball. He has only one more touchdown than interception. This is amazing for a team with a record such as theirs. The spread is hovering near -3 for Denver. The road favorite wins because of two factors. One is that the weather is in Denver’s comfort zone. The other is that Manning will retain possession while Dalton will give it away. Both of these translate into a Denver -3 cover for your America’s Bookie NFL Free Pick of the Week. Visit us today to see what stocking stuffers we have in reload promos. America’s Bookie where customers come first rolls out online poker only for their customers in 2015. Visit us to learn all the details on how to swim in non shark infested waters today.

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