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America’s Bookie- Offering you More Ways to Win through Online Contests

Betting Online At Americas Bookie

America’s Bookie- Offering you More Ways to Win through Online Contests

Betting on sports with America’s Bookie is a year-round proposition through direct access to betting odds and lines for any number of events on a global scale, but when football rolls around in both the NFL and the college ranks, we like to dial things up a notch or two with a pair of contests that really sweeten the pot.

The first online contest for the football season is the 33 Club. This is a weekly event that offers you the chance to pocket $333 in free bets that can really help stretch your bankroll during the most busiest time of the year when it comes betting on sports.

The rules for the 33 Club are as simple as this. Every time you make a deposit of $250 or more into your America’s Bookie online sportsbook account from the month of September right through the NFL’s Super Bowl in early February, you can pick one NFL or NCAA football team. If the team you pick scores exactly 33 points in either a win or a loss, you will receive $333 in free bet plays into your account.

The other online contest on America’s Bookie that will start back up in advance of the upcoming football season is the NFL Last Man Standing Contest that offers a grand prize of up to $5000. To gain entry into this contest all you need to do is make a $250 deposit into your account before Sept. 3 in conjunction with the start of a new NFL regular season. For each additional deposit in increments of $250, you can gain additional entries. For example, if you make a deposit of $500 before Sept. 3, you will earn two entries into this contest all the way up to four entries for a deposit of $1000.

Once entered, all you need to do is make a weekly straight-up pick on one game from Week 1 of the NFL regular season through Week 17. If the team you picked wins, then you advance to the next round. If you team loses straight-up you are out. You can only use the same team once throughout the season and all picks for Thursday or Saturday games must be in at least one hour prior to the start of the game and all Sunday picks must be in by 11 a.m. (ET) on Sunday mornings. If the game you pick is scheduled for a Sunday night or Monday night start, then that pick still needs to be in by 11 a.m. on Sunday.

The NFL Last Man Standing contest continues until there is a single grand prize winner. That lone winner will receive $5000 in the form of a free play bonus. There are no free play payouts for any place beyond first in this “winner take all” contest. In the case of a tie at the end of the NFL regular season, there will be a tiebreaker based on the total margin of victory in all of a contest’s picks over the course of the 17 weeks. The highest number of points wins the $5000 grand prize.

America’s Bookie online sportsbook is designed for today’s recreational sports bettor, so instead of spending a large portion of our marketing dollars on costly print ads or other types of online marketing campaigns, we decided to create some practical bonus and rewards programs that pay you back directly in the form of free bets. When it comes right down to things, we know that stretching your betting dollar especially during football season is one of your top priorities. We also know that all of our free play bonuses are set-up to meet that specific need.

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