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America’s Bookie Muses Over the Year That Was

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2014 was a wild ride in the sports world. America’s Bookie was there with their loyal

customers to witness it all. Together we saw feel good moments, a miracle cover for the ages, and

tragedy on the raceway. So with our friends at Handicapper’s Hideaway, let us look at the good,

the bad, and the cringe worthy this year had to offer.

Triumph Over Terrorism

Our mission to build community and proffer profit through sports wagering took a back

seat to one marque event. It was not the largest in the world but best personified the traits found in

your typical American that allowed this country to triumph in the face of terror. The 2014 Boston

Marathon went on and was an unmitigated success. Meb Keflezighi won the race but will be best

remembered for the grace in how he did so. On his racing number, he had the names of those who

lost their lives to the cowardly act of terror in 2013. An American Flag on his shoulders, he

demonstrated to the world that Boston and all of America would not back down from people that

hide in shadows to thwart the USA. Congratulation to Meb and all of America on that great day.

Western Kentucky Backers

Depends on which side of the fence you sat on this game. Western Kentucky got all of

the steam in this game with them ending near a *4 1⁄2 point favorite for the Bahama’s Bowl.

Roaring out to an insurmountable lead, people were celebrating as they had a 35 point lead to start

the fourth quarter. A pulse still existed in Central Michigan as they started their comeback.

Touchdowns came and with each one, dread grew for the people who were railing the Hilltoppers.

Still, comfort was to be had when they had a seven point lead with one second left. A 75 yard

touchdown got them to within one. The cherry on top of this was the decision of Central to go for

two to win the game. This slammed the door shut to the possibility of covering in overtime. The

grinch still remembered where we all lived with that one as the sportbooks laughed to the bank.

Kevin Ward Confirms Darwinism

A moment of silence for Kevin Ward Jr. He made a decision that the inexperienced often

do and could not let go of a situation. Instead of defusing it, he got out of his car on a racetrack

while the event was still going on. Tony Stewart’s car made contact with him and that was all she

wrote. He died before ambulances could get to him.

Let us hope that the world can learn from Mr. Ward. There is too much to experience in

2015 to let our tempers get the best of us. So America’s Bookie would like to thank Dirty, Contest

Guru, the General, and everyone else not listed. We wish them and all their members at

Handicapper’s Hideaway a prosperous New Year. Do not forget to check out our new online poker

room starting in 2015 at America’s Bookie. Enjoy the NFL playoffs and we will talk again in 2015.

America’s Bookie will be back next week at Handicapper’s Hideaway with another NFL free pick.

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