A Tale of two 5-8 Franchises

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Alive and kicking compared to down and out are the states of two NFL teams with identical 5-8 records. Desolation is the norm for franchises this late with five wins but the Saints are still tied for the lead of the laughable NFC South. Meanwhile, the Windy City had to come to grips with a team whose star skill players are only there now to cash checks. Can the Bears (5-8) still playing for their jobs put up enough of an effort to defeat the road favorite (-3) New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football?

Offensive Lines Hung Out to Dry

Visions of Cutler flat on his back are not what our imaginations should be used for but many people can not get those pictures out of their head. Without scrambling ability, his offensive lines in the past have had harder times keeping pressure off of him. Schemes as well as personnel have been blamed when the sad reality is that maybe he just holds onto the ball too often. With teams keying on Matt Forte, he still has 854 yards. He does not have Barry Sanders ability so the offensive line must be doing their job in generating a push upfield. With a balmy forty degrees for Chicago, the rushing game on a potentially slick field will serve the Bears well when Cutler could let them down in this one.

Wet Conditions Disrupts Dome Teams

Even in their current four out of five slide, the offense has not been awful. While not the high flying attack it has been in the past, Brees is still above pedestrian status with 28 TD’s and only twelve picks. His defense has been a constant source of disappointment. They can generate some heat on the quarterback but 27.6 points per game is too much for this team to overcome. Frankly, the defense would be hard pressed to stop just about anyone at this stage.

Monday Night Football will be a grind this evening. Cutler is still about his stats and the Saints will not rattle him enough. Forte should enjoy good holes as offensive lines are one of the last positions on the team to pack it in. Even though the Saints have the only tangible thing to play for this evening, the Bears rushing attack will save the day. An aversion to Cutler is outweighed by the prowess of Forte and three points to boot. Take Chicago plus three tonight for your profit to propel your week.

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