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Sports entertainment wagering relies on leaders in the industry to not only stabilize the trade but to nurture growth in an environment ripe for expansion. Realizing that reputation is everything, HRWager has separated itself from the pack not only with its vast selection and superior customer service but with an attitude of integrity towards the handicapping community. Focusing on the American market, they bring to the table all the traits that the American punter is looking for in their sportsbook. Since 2012, George and his staff have been servicing the needs of his client base with a level of customer service that everyone can appreciate.

Steadfast and Secure

The first and foremost concern with offshore sportbooks is the security that is involved with your funds. A sound business model coupled with smart and savvy management team ensures the safety of your winnings. The telling factor in this is that withdrawals are handled with the same speed and efficiency as their deposit methods. An impeccable payout record is the ultimate testimony of their reputation. Since their founding in 2012, there has not been one payout complaint against HRWager.

Generous Bankroll Bonus Packages

Handicappers Hideaway members can certify to the plentiful bonus packages that are available. The perks to HRWager patronage do not stop there. The creativity of HRWager is demonstrated by going the extra mile for their customer base. While freeplays and instant cash bonuses are certainly a welcome addition to the bankroll, George and his staff offer unique handicapping contests that sharpen your skills in a competitive atmosphere that offers real world prizes. Everything from silver to gaming systems have been shipped to the fortunate winners in these promotional opportunities.

The Industry Stalwart

Embracing their leadership role in the offshore wagering environment, HRWager has assisted those when others would not. Occasionally, circumstances require the folding of a rival sportsbook. In the past, the player’s funds would be lost when the company folded. Now is a new day where a progressive mindset combined with long range vision is assisting some of those whose bankrolls have gone by the wayside. HRWager has stepped in and offered multiple bailouts to those unfortunate individuals whose funds were misplaced. By doing this, HRWager not only steps to the forefront in customer service but helps with the long term viability of the industry as a whole.

They offer a wide range of sports entertainment wagering. Vibrant online casinos, an easy to navigate racebook, and almost every sports wagering option available to gaming enthusiasts are what is offered to their customers. A wide amount of offerings, excellent customer care, and rock solid financial stability are all trademarks of HRWager. Take advantage of one of their generous initial deposit bonus packages that will let you stay in the game and swing for the fences this summer.

Online Betting at HRWager