GC: MLB N.L.C.S Series Angle

Monday 5* Triple Perfect NFL has a 13-0 system and 2 Perfect Angles. NFL on an 8-2 run and now 33 games .over 500 the last 3+ seasons combined as Top plays on Bills, Giants, Seahawks and Packers Cash Big. Free MLB Series angle Play + radio show info below.


On Monday the free MLB Play is on the Giants. Game 908 at 8:05 eastern The St. Louis Cardinals visited and Beat the San Francisco Giants 6-4 to take a 1-game-lead in the N.L.C.S. When leading a best-of-7 MLB playoff series 1-0, the St. Louis Cardinals have an overall series record of 7-3, an overall Game 2 record of 2-8 with an active three-Game 2 losing streak, a Semifinals series record of 2-1, and a Semifinals Game 2 record of 1-2. The Cards have Carpenter going and he has been god in his limited starts this season coming off the injury. However he has not pitched here in awhile and will be taking on an underrated R. Vogelsong who has been solid in his last 2 vs the Cardinals allowing just 1 run 12 innings. Vogelsong has won 10 of 15 at home this season with a 2.86 era and has been solid of late posing a 0.56 era over his last 3 starts. The Giants home bullpen era is a over a full run lower than the Cardinals road bullpen era. The Giants are also a solid 10-3 at home in game 2 of a home series off a game one loss. The Cardinals are 6-10 in game 2 of a road series off a win. With game 2 road teams off a win only winning around 41% historically in this round we will recommenced the Giants to rebound and take game two. On Monday there is a 5* Triple Perfect Selection in Monday night Football. There is a 13-0 System that dates to 1989 and 2 perfect Angles in this one. NFL Cashes all top plays on Sunday with Outright Dog winners on the Bills, Giants, Seahawks and Green Bay. NFL 33 games over .500 the last 3+ seasons and on an 8-2 run. Contact at goldencontender@aol.com or at 646-269-5269 to Jump on now and start the week big. I will have another free play on the Monday night sports talk radio show at 7:05 eastern. Listen online at 88.9 wsia.fm. For the free Play take the San Francisco. GC

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